Adjectives: Worldwide

Worldwide Recognition. World Wide Recognition means acceptance by society as legitimate. The process of global recognition involves advocacy, diplomacy, and mediation in order to promote agreements reached between governments and other international agencies. There is five World Wide Organizations that helps to recognize a country or an entity as worthy of recognition.


UNESCO – The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is the international governing body for education, research and the display of art and other information from all over the world. The organization is known by many other names such as United Nations Office for Education, World Service and World Tourism Organization. UNESCO is concerned with preserving cultural and educational resources, promoting communication, standards and policies regarding education and informing governments, educators and the general public about the responsibility of each one to promote education worldwide. UNESCO also leads in the registration and monitoring of technological developments in areas beyond the limits of its territory, in conjunction with other international agencies and with the general community. One of the purposes of UNESCO is to promote education worldwide and to ensure the protection of the environment.

IAEA – The International Atomic Energy Agency is a United Nations agency that helps to inspect nuclear weapons and other nuclear material. The agency was established by the United Nations and is headquartered in Vienna, Austria. It is responsible for the global safe storage of nuclear waste, promoting safe storage and assistance to States and other parties involved in handling dangerous items. Other terms referring to the IAEA are “the” and “worldwide responsibilities”. UNESCO is a French term that refers to “globes” containing information on culture, history, arts and sciences.

WMOs – Water Mangers is a non-profit organization committed to the promotion of water conservation and to educating people about the significance of water. The organization was created as a means of preventing the promotion of nuclear weapons throughout the world. A number of nations have since joined and they have become an important player in the efforts to save the planet. The United Nation is an endorser and supporter of this non-profit organization.

IHO – The International Human Film Association is a not for profit organization that brings together artistic talent from around the globe. They work with the filmmakers, artists and producers to promote a positive aspect of the human race. UNESCO is the United Nation’s division that takes part in the management and the financing of the IFA. IFA has worldwide ambitions for their organization. The adjective worldwide is attached to the IFA because it embodies the nature of the IFA. The IFA is an organization striving to raise the profile of cinema in general, and filmmaking in particular.

As more countries attempt to pull themselves out of the poverty that they have fallen into through various environmental efforts, there needs to be more collaboration and teamwork between different parties in order to bring about positive changes. There are countless ways that we can use to describe the efforts being made by governments and international agencies in trying to better the quality of life for the entire world. It is time that the adjective worldwide was put into use in order to recognize the scale of the efforts being made by everyone.