Making News: The inverted Pyramid


Making News: The inverted Pyramid

Examples of typical news events are a news report on a national political debate or a scientific discovery. Many people become glued to their television set each night and eagerly await the next major development in global warming, pollution, technology or financial crisis. For these people, a news flash is the perfect way to keep them informed and entertained during what they consider to be an important time in their lives.

While most people know that the purpose of news reporting is to inform the public, not all of them understand how different types of news fit into this category. A good example is the news story “Inverted Pyramid”. In this article I will break down this type of news story and show why it fits so well into the category of news. Specifically I’ll discuss its use as a human interest story, compare it to other forms of journalism and finally compare it to the business environment.

Let’s start by discussing news value. Most people would agree that informing the public about important matters is a vitally important part of society. Unfortunately, many people believe that informing the public about such things as pollution and national security is not a high enough value in their daily life to warrant spending their valuable time in front of the television. As such, they tune out and prefer to read about interesting things that they find online or gossip about in the papers.

Humans are programmed to seek out information that will make life easier. This is especially true when it comes to issues that affect our day-to-day lives. This is where the beauty of news comes in. By informing the public on things that affect their lives, many people are motivated to take action. This is why stories like “Inverted Pyramid” can make such a big impact on an individual or an entire society.

It would be difficult to describe the importance of an inverted pyramid in the field of journalism. However, you should know that the public’s attention span on even the most minor topics is relatively short. Thus, there is an emphasis on publishing news articles that get the most attention from the public. Thus, the importance of developing an inverted pyramid style of organization is very important to the long term success of a news story. If an individual feels that the news article is getting attention for a better reason, that person may want to investigate further to see if the story line has any deeper meaning.

When it comes to making news, humans are constantly seeking out stories that make them feel good. In a case where the story makes people feel good, they will be much more likely to share that information with others. In this way, news articles that are shared can have a tremendous effect on public opinion. Thus, journalists must continue to explore the different ways in which their stories can touch the lives of readers everywhere.