Making News Work for You

News is good, right? Right. It’s a good thing that the press has to cover important topics like terrorism, health care and the environment so that people can make an informed decision. Then again, news isn’t everything: it isn’t even nearly enough! Without all of the other elements, it’s just a newspaper with a few salient bits of information about whatever the latest topic is.


In fact, news can sometimes cause more harm than good – when it’s too much. Take the issue of immigration, for example. Obviously, the government has a great interest in seeing that illegal aliens are allowed to stay in this country. Unfortunately, there are many people who may decide to take advantage of the situation, which may make news stories about their activities seem overstated and even outright misleading.

In some ways, the same can be said for many news stories. If a story is big and controversial, it may make the front page, but many people will ignore it entirely. At the same time, if a story is under a big deal, it’s likely to get plenty of coverage in print and on television, so it may have an effect on public opinion. Sometimes, you see the two sides of the story: the politicians who want to build bridges instead ofbuild walls, and the journalists who want to hold politicians accountable for their actions.

In addition, many people may react negatively to certain news stories, which may affect the public’s attitude toward that politician or news story. Take, for example, the recent story about a New York City mayor who was caught on tape saying that police officers were often too aggressive. The mayor was eventually unseated. While the mayor may have gotten his “crooked cop” nickname from the media, many people were angered by his comments, and not only did they pass that sentiment onto voters, but also the political fallout resulted in a deregulated mayor with a tough-guy image coming to an end.

News isn’t always negative, however. A recent news story about a British woman who successfully raised a child alone for 18 years was broadcast on YouTube, which quickly went viral. Instead of focusing on the perils of single life, the news media portrayed the woman as a determined survivor who overcame physical handicaps to become the parent of the world’s youngest child. The story demonstrated that overcoming societal obstacles can happen to anyone, and that successful raising of children is no exception.

There are many stories that make news because they change the way people view things. It may be an interesting story, but it’s important to remember that everyone has a different point of view, and that some news pieces may not reflect the opinions of all listeners. It’s important to understand where your news value comes from, and what you’re sharing with your social media audience. While it’s important to make your listeners feel good, remember that there’s a right and a wrong time to share your news with your audience.