The Worldwide Phenomenon of The World’s Most Dangerous Man

If there was one thing that made Steve McQueen into the legendary character that he has become, it would definitely be his participation in the film; World Without End. In this movie, he plays Max Cross. Max is an Irish national who is desperately looking for his family after they were taken away as prisoners of war. He tries to find them but is pursued by terrorists. It is here that he will learn that he has super powers, thanks to a mysterious girl named Alice. His adventure takes him across many different countries as he battles terrorists and helps save the world.


This movie has so many things that people will appreciate. It has the best ever stunt sequences. The Special Forces group from the United States has assembled a group of soldiers to go into battle in a foreign land and the only person who can get in their way is Steve McQueen. He uses his super speed to get into trouble and fight against the enemy, hence the prefix “worldwide.”

The success of this movie has prompted Matt Damon to star in a remake/ sequel of the film. The only reason why he won’t be seen in this one is because he is contracted to play a character in a new project. However, he is still available for the role of Max Cross. His other two roles have been played by Al Pacino and George Clooney.

Damon had been attached to a much bigger project before the success of the first Bourne movie, which was the prequels to the current bestseller, George Clooney’s After Hours. While production on After Hours was still ongoing, Damon decided that he wanted to take on some extra adventure and so began traveling around the world and meeting with various stars. It was here that he got to know Clooney who he considered to be a friend and so the actor shared the idea of him playing a character similar to the latter in the soon to be released Meet the Parents. In fact, both actors were so impressed by each other that they decided to hold a meeting to discuss the possibility of them teaming up. When they were finally able to agree on the terms to fulfill their respective roles in the project, they immediately made it known to all that they were in talks for the then up and coming worldwide franchise, The Bourne Franchise.

Once Damon and Clooney were locked and have done with their deal, they immediately began working on the screenplay for the new movie and so once the project hit theaters around the globe, things really heated up. Since they are known for their action and drama, this pairing was bound to have a great combination of both. With such an exhilarating combination between two Hollywood power players, it was obvious that The World’s Most Dangerous Man would become a huge hit worldwide. Everyone expected the film to be a box office smash. However, some think that The World’s Most Dangerous Man was actually a sleeper hit worldwide because many didn’t know it was coming out in the summer rather than in the winter when most other movies were released. It just goes to show you that sometimes you are in the spotlight for a very long time before your movie is a hit.

The global popularity of this movie has also opened the doors for other well known actors to find fame and fortune by starring in and producing their own spinoff of The World’s Most Dangerous Man. At the moment, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio are the only leading stars from this movie that are set to star in their own movies. Since the creation of this phrase, other phrases have popped up including “the world’s strongest man”, ” the greatest sniper”, “most daring pilot” and “most cunning criminal”. With so many options when it comes to the creation of this phrase, who knows which one is going to take the top spot one day.