Why Are “We The People” responsibles For Global Warming?

WORLDWIDE. Adjective; indicates worldwide coverage of an incident. The worldwide media brought worldwide attention to the recent attack in London.

World Wide Web: A website which provides complete and up-to-date information on the Internet. The word ‘web’ is derived from the German term ‘wachsen’, which means world. In general, worldwide protests occur online as well. There are several websites which provide information about a wide variety of topics worldwide.

WEB ATTRACTION: The Web can become a repository of real-time information and facts. Weblogs are fast developing worldwide following the recent incidents in which global events affected lives in different countries. In the wake of such global issues, people turn to the web for a clearer understanding of the past, present and future situation of world events. Web based weblogs helps to keep updated with the latest news and current affairs happening around the world.

WEB OF TRUTH: The Internet has proved to be a great reservoir of knowledge and facts. The world has become a global village. Latest scientific discoveries are shared across the world on the Internet. There are many articles on the web that discuss about the latest happenings around the globe. Blogs are another source of knowledge and facts on anything global. Millions of people visit these blogs on a daily basis and post their comments and reactions regarding the events described in those blogs.

ACNE WEBSITES: The number of people visiting the Internet on a daily basis for a variety of purposes is increasing. Several popular sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing have become very popular worldwide. Popular climate change pages are also being widely visited by millions of people worldwide. As people from various corners of the world become aware of the dangers posed by global warming, they start searching for information on the same.

These days, many young people are becoming global citizens. They care about the fate of nature and want to do their part in saving nature for future generations. As the effects of climate change are threatening to create drastic changes in the living conditions of people living all over the world, more people are becoming aware of their responsibility towards this issue and are actively participating in various ways. With growing involvement of individuals worldwide, more governments are taking initiatives to deal with this global threat. To effectively combat global warming, it is important that we educate each other on the topic of global warming, protect nature and take necessary steps for curbing the alarming trend of global warming.