Non-Traditional Sports As a Means of Physical Fitness and Mental Well-Being


Non-Traditional Sports As a Means of Physical Fitness and Mental Well-Being

Sports are the physical activities that a person engages in for the purpose of playing a match or to compete with other people. Sports can be general or specific and specialized. The commonest sports are football, ice hockey, soccer, baseball and lacrosse. Sports can also be organized on the basis of age, gender, place and competition. All the games played by the athletes in different sports are called sports,

Football (football) is the most common and widely played sports in the world. It is a team-based contact sport that has grown rapidly in popularity during the last few decades. The game can be played for fun as well as for earning winning points. International Football Association Football, or FIFA, is the governing body of world cup and other major sports tournaments. A football player can become a professional if he is able to win the world cup once.

Lacrosse is an enormously popular and physical activity that has grown rapidly in popularity in North America. The sport can be played for fun as well as for earning winning points. National Lacrosse Association, or CFL, is the main governing body of lacrosse.

Ice hockey is widely played winter sports and is similar to basketball in many ways. However, hockey players are not allowed to wear skates during play, like basketball players. Instead, they use hockey sticks or pucks. Hockey players can participate in a single or double elimination tournament. Olympic ice hockey consists of the host country and its teams. The other countries are regarded as amateur players who have joined the Olympic ice hockey association.

Cycling is a popular outdoor sport that is played for fun and has been shown to be a healthy and beneficial sport both in weight loss and improving physical fitness. Cycling has also been shown to reduce stress while reducing the risk of serious illness. The sport involves a series of cycling events, which can be competitive or non-competitive. In the Tour de France bicycle race, stage winner is awarded with the most overall points. It is an example of a physical activity that improves mental fitness, the capacity for endurance and the heart.

Non-traditional activities are a growing segment of sports activities and should not be ignored. The best way to increase awareness of these types of activities is through participation in such organizations as the International Federation of Professionaliders (IFP), International Association of Sport and Physical Education (IAEP) and World Health Organization (WOOM). The IFP is the governing body for the Fencing discipline. The IAEEP monitors and publishes standards for fencing performance. WOOM oversees the qualifications of fencing athletes at the Olympic Games.